Spoiler alert: Chariots of Fire did not make the cut.

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I like to run about four times per week, with an indulgent long run on the weekend when family time permits. However, this is sometimes not enough to slake my thirst for all things running, so I frequently turn to podcasts, books, and films for my fix.

I have many running books to recommend, and I will give you details of these in a separate post. For now, I will share with you a list of my favourite running films.

Many are perfect for a Saturday night in front of the big screen, and some are the perfect spark for…

From misogynistic guests to culturally insensitive music, here is your essential guide to organizing truly un-problematic nuptials.

I knew my brother’s wedding would be a wonderful day, full of love and joy.

He and his fiancée were practically childhood sweethearts and they have a wonderful relationship.

In many ways their wedding day is shaping up to be a classically millennial event, and they are doing their best to keep it.. well, woke.

They have planned a strictly meat-free menu, and have discouraged some family friends from attending, due to their problematic opinions.

In the spirit of their beautiful (and politically correct) wedding day, here are 6 ways you can ensure your wedding day is a step towards…

My colleague died alone at home and it took us two weeks to realise

Photo by Luizmedeirosph from Pexels

We’ve all had a rough year. So I don’t want this article to be just another tale of loss that you scroll past.

The story is fresh in my mind, and my stomach is still tense with the fear of the news I have just received.

My colleague, Helen (not her real name), was a lady of around 65 years of age. …

Yes, Born To Run is in there somewhere

The author racing in the Lake District

If you haven’t checked out my Top 6 Running Films of all time, then go have a look before you proceed any further.

Still here?

Yes, I suspected you were more the ‘reading type’…

I find it interesting that people are able to find new things to write about running. Not only to write but to weave spectacular stories and histories about something so mundane and repetitive. After all, running is essentially the act of putting one foot ahead of the other and repeating until the finish line is reached. But it’s the connection of the writer to the sport…

By people who don’t care about us

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Nine times out of ten, the same people telling you how to find motivation are trying to profit from your lack of it.

I mean look what I’m doing right now.

The fact is that true motivation is like water in a desert. Elusive.

You can bring a certain amount of water with you to the desert, but it will evaporate.

You can ask other people ride out to bring you water, but that water will dry up too.

No, to survive in the desert you need to look deep underground to find a reliable, sustainable source of water in…

My three year old is the enemy general.

I can’t tell you how smug I was when my toddler turned 3. In that moment we realised that we had survived the ‘terrible-twos’ unscathed. He was the perfect sleeper, and a joy to be around all day.

We must be such good parents. We set boundaries, taught him manners, and now we are reaping the rewards, having cultivated this emotionally patient and mature toddler.

Oh no, no, no, no.

Our toddler’s good behaviour and amenable personality were nothing to do with us. It was his character. …

Silence is more powerful than ever

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

The heroes we read about as children are always the humble, quietly powerful underdogs who save the day against all odds.

Think of the children in Roald Dahl novels.

They are generally quiet, thoughtful young people from dysfunctional families who don’t seek glory for themselves.

They succeed by outlasting, and outfoxing their loud and greedy, adult overlords.

As we become teens the heroes become more potent. But even comic book heroes are quiet men and women who disguise their true power behind meek exteriors and exotic masks.

As we graduate from our teens into…

My gut says it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve lost count of the number of bruises, cuts and black eyes sustained by my my toddler in his first three years of life.

He’s also sustained bleeding lips, a bumped head, grazed palms and a burned tongue.

Once, while cutting his nails I accidentally cut into this finger. I was distraught and he didn’t want his nails to be cut for a while after.

He’s fallen out of bed, toppled off his balance-bike, tripped off a wall and slipped off a chair.

On one occasion I tripped on the stairs while carrying him and, through some sort of primal-gymnastic…

Or, your shoes vs. the shoes you told them not to worry about.

Smelly, old shoes belonging to the author.

It’s a moment I savour like the last day of school. The email arrives. It’s Strava telling me to buy a new pair of running shoes.

Five-hundred miles already.

With a grave nod to my wife, I pull up the Inov8 website and scroll through the latest range of footwear.

From the doorway, my pair of Mudclaw 300s look at me hopefully. Their signature smell is hard to ignore. The uppers are cracked and the lugs, once aggressive and shiny black, are now blunted and dusty.

They never quite dry out, and the damp odour stays in the car for…

How one mistake at work made me realise that I had to let my family go

My company was due to exhibit at a big tradeshow in Canada. We were based in London, UK, and I was handling all the logistics. I had to make sure we had the right tickets, hotels, transfers and equipment.

This sort of thing triggered my anxiety in a big way, which ruined my focus. When that happened, I made mistakes.

I used to book flights for the wrong day, forgot laptops, mislaid my passport. All because I find the process too anxiety-inducing to tackle properly.

So the Canada trip was booked and arranged. But there was something gnawing at me..

Craig D D Brown

Fell/trail runner. Translation industry professional.

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